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Visual Merchandising Staff

Hire professional Visual Merchandisers in Spain and Europe specialized in different retail areas such as tech, sportswear, fashion, and more.

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As well as events and exhibitions Golden Goose also cover instore activities such as Visual Merchandising. This way of marketing isn’t necessarily direct to the consumer, but a way of auditing the way your product is being perceived by your target audience.

Whatever questions you want answering or insights you want to know, our Visual Merchandisers are there to get all this information for you. And the best part is, there’s less preparation needed to organise store visits. Our Visual Merchandisers are able to audit a store as frequently as you require without the need to set up a stand and organise the logistics of exhibition or marketing material.

Although much of Visual Merchandising work is self maintained by the staff themselves, we at Golden Goose Events oversee all our Visual Merchandisers on a regular basis to give them the right support and to give them any extra updates or training they may require as your market changes. We also check in on them every so often to ensure they are collecting the exact data and insights that you need to market your product successfully. This is what we look for when hiring Visual Merchandisers:

Experience in Sales or Visual Merchandising


Marketing studies


Professional and able to work autonomously


Intelligence and quick-learning


Proactive and hard-working


Keen eye for detail

  • Audit Visual Merchandising compliance
  • Check stock levels
  • Check POS materials status
  • Replace POS materials
  • Update/refresh POS
  • Check/replace artworks
  • Negotiate POS location in store
  • Report compliance KPI’s
  • Train staff on Visual Merchandising guidelines
  • Accomplish low impact maintenance tasks
  • Collect data from interactive screens/items
  • Brand B2B representation
Visual Merchandising Staff in Europe

Bring Your Brand In-store Presence to the Next Level

Check some pictures of our Visual Merchandisers' work during recent retail campaigns in Europe.

European Coverage

Hire Visual Merchandising Staff All Over Europe

Our Visual Merchandising teams cover important retailers in 17 European countries. These are some of the ones we work with:

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