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Hire first-class Presenters and MC's in Spain and Europe for events such as exhibitions, trade shows, corporate parties, and more.

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A professional Presenter or MC (“Master of Ceremonies”) will make the difference for your event's success. MC's lead the show in a cohesive running order by delivering the welcoming address, presenting the company's product, introducing special guests and other speakers, and moving the event programme forward.

We work only with experienced and versatile Speakers specialized in fields such as technology or sports. We have native English (or the local language) hosts in different locations in Europe: Barcelona, Madrid, London, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Milan, or Amsterdam.

Tell us which are your needs in terms of product field, tone, audience, and location, and we will propose you the best profiles for your event or trade show.

Most of our Presenters have experience in other areas of performance, such as acting or modeling, and are used to perform in front of small and big audiences.

Our MC's are highly confident at public speaking, knowing how to make adaptations on the fly and how to motivate guests with humor if needed. They are able to memorize the running order of the show or event, which can be long and highly complex; and to manage the schedule to be on time and carry oneself in a very presentable and amicable way.

Impeccable looks and personal image


Languages and communication skills


Extrovert and proactive personality


Politeness and protocol


Flexible; improvisation skills


Updated to the last trends in the field


Experience in other types of performance

  • Brand awareness
  • Product detailed presentation
  • Company presentation
  • Welcoming address
  • Manage of small and large audiences
  • Audience engagement
  • Introduction to other speakers or company managers
  • Show improvisation
  • Running of event schedule and show timings
  • Motivator of guests
  • Drawing attention to booth
  • Informing of last news about the company
  • Introducing product launches
  • Informing of the brand’s promotions
Presenters and Speakers in Europe

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Check some photos of our male and female Presenters in action during recent events in Spain and Europe.

European Coverage

MC's and Speakers in the Main European Cities

From our offices in Barcelona, we provide professional Speakers in many European cities, covering the main venues for congresses, trade shows, and corporate events. These are some of the ones we have covered:

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