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As well as fairs and exhibitions Golden Goose Events also cover in-store activities such as Field and Retail Marketing campaigns, Brand Activations and Customer Experiences performances. We are specialists in providing high-quality mystery shoppers and visual merchandisers for a large variety of clients. We have provided temporary staff and mystery shoppers for companies such as Google, Nest, Arlo, Adidas, Skullcandy and other VIP clients for more than 10 years now.

If you are looking for the right talent for your retail marketing campaign, we suggest you to book Mystery Shopper with us! Whatever questions you want answered or insights you want to know, our Mystery Shoppers are there to get all this information for you.

In addition to auditing a product, we are also able to audit staff. If staff knowledge needs to be tested, or individual stores need to be kept in check to measure store performance, our mystery shoppers are there to be as discreet as possible to give you a true report on a natural day to day activity in store. This is the best way of ensuring your product is being marketed the way you want it to be, and filter out any challenges the store is having if you find it isn’t performing as well as it should be. In contrast, if the store is aware of a visit, the results won’t necessarily be true to how the store runs on a usual day.

Our staff will be equipped to carry out a thorough store visit to capture any feedback you wish, without disrupting the store’s natural activity, and get you the results you need.

Experience in sales


Customer service experience


Discrete and professional


Organised and efficient


Analytical and self-motivated


Keen eye for detail

  • POS quality and location control
  • Check stock levels
  • Compare competitors vs brand in-store presence
  • Evaluate sales techniques for a product
  • Market research Competitor Vs Brand
  • Market research consumers feedback on products
  • Identify gaps at store
  • Test knowledge of store staff about a specific product or brand
  • Train staff on Mystery Shoppers guidelines
  • Measure store performance
  • Evaluate in-store customer experience
  • Evaluate customer service
  • Collect data from interactive screens/items
  • Capture feedback without any impact to the store
Mystery Shoppers in Action

Ensure Your Brand is Being Marketed Correctly at The Stores

Check some pictures of our Mystery Shoppers work during recent retail marketing campaigns in Europe.

European Coverage

Hire Mystery Shoppers Staff All Over Europe

Our Mystery Shoppers teams cover important retailers in 17 European countries. These are some of the ones we work with:

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