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Image Rights Models GGE - Terms & Conditions

On one hand, , with ID/Passport number , registered in  and represented by Golden Goose Events S.L.U.. hereinafter referred to as the “ASSIGNOR,


On the other hand, (client’s name) , with Passport Number , who intervenes on behalf of (company name)      registered in (Address) hereinafter referred to as the “ASSIGNEE,

Declare that they have sufficient  legal capacity to enter into this agreement and that they are responsible for the veracity of the statements contained herein, and



That, under the Organic Law 1/1982, of 5th May, on civil protection of the honor right, the personal and family privacy and to one’s own image, having reached the parties freely to a mutual agreement of wills, they legalize this assignment of image rights, which aims to transfer the image rights of the ASSIGNOR to the ASSIGNEE. The image rights object of this agreement are the image rights that the ASSIGNOR has obtained through the express and written authorization of the owner of the rights. 

The conditions of use of the image rights assignment will be governed by the following:



This Agreement applies to any and all photographs of the Assignor and the Assignor's Property made on the session dates covered by this agreement and to all reproductions of such photographs.


    1. 1Limitation of the image rights assignment
      1. The assignor hereby grants the Client the non-exclusive rights to use, reproduce, and distribute the images captured during the photo shoot on the (Date) 29th February for the specified purpose of an online (Purpose) Press Release.
      2. The image rights granted are limited to the agreed-upon purpose and do not extend to other commercial or promotional uses without the express written consent of the Agency.



  1. The Assignee agrees not to use the images in a manner that may be considered defamatory, obscene, or otherwise unlawful.
  2. The images shall not be sublicensed, resold, or otherwise made available to third parties without the prior written consent of the Agency.



In consideration for the image rights granted, the Assignee agrees to pay the Assignor the agreed-upon compensation as outlined in the agreement provided by Golden Goose Events.



The rights granted to the Client under this Agreement shall be effective upon receipt of payment and shall continue for the

duration necessary to fulfill the agreed-upon purpose.



Both parties agree to keep confidential any proprietary or sensitive information shared during the course of this Agreement.



This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Organic Law 1/1982, of 5th May, on civil protection of the honor right.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Image Rights Agreement as of the Effective Date


Carrer Roureda núm.2, 08389 Urbanización Mas Reixac. Palafolls. Barcelona. Spain

Notifications relevant to this agreement by any of the Parties shall be made by email with acknowledgment of receipt to the email address

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