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Grooming Standards – What’s Expected From Your Appearance at an Event?

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Keeping ourselves looking fresh and professional is as important as our qualifications. Personal grooming is always necessary but it becomes essential when representing a company image at an event. Following grooming standards does not necessarily mean wearing black-tie attire but projecting a neat and professional image at your workplace. 

As we only have one chance to make a first impression, let’s check out some guidelines that will enhance your appearance at an event!

  • Ensure your uniform is well presented, clean, and ironed every day.
  • Gentlemen must be clean-shaven. If a beard is worn, this must be looking nicely groomed and neat.
  • Always aim for a neutral look, avoiding any large or bold jewelry. You will be asked to remove any jewelry on-site if it is deemed unsuitable. If you wear any facial piercings, please ask your PM if it’s ok to wear them. It might be necessary to cover them or take them out for formal events.
  • Nails should be neat and, if you use nail polish, you should go for a neutral color. Avoid very long nails and glitter finishes that catch the eye
  • Your hair must be looking neat, well-groomed, and preferably off the face if you have long hair. If food sampling is taking place, hair should be worn completely up or in a hairnet if requested. In some cases, the client might ask you to wear a cap so be open to accepting these requests.
  • If you wear makeup, always choose a natural effect without strong colors or glitter. Avoid strong features such as bold fake eyelashes, heavy eye makeup, or excessive foundation.
  • If you have changed your image dramatically e.g. dyed your hair green or shaved completely, you now wear visible tattoos, or piercings, inform your agency so we can update your pictures to make sure the client gets an accurate feel of your image, especially if you’ve been selected and you’ve made a radical change to your image. After all, you are the image of the client’s brand and you need to represent what they stand for. 
  • If you’re pregnant or have any physical impediments (back problems, heart problems, broken limbs, etc.) you must notify us for insurance labor risk prevention matters. In these cases, we will need to evaluate if the tasks for this role can be performed effectively and safely. 
  • Read our Dress Code Guidelines consciously and make sure you prepare well ahead in case you have to purchase any specific items beforehand. Don’t find yourself missing parts of your uniform on the evening before the event!

All these easy tips apply to your preparation before the event and will help you to strengthen your first impression from a professional point of view. If you are unsure about any particulars, ask your Project Manager. There’s only one chance to make a good first impression!

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