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Payment & Invoicing Instructions – GGE Staff Members

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Payment & Invoicing Instructions for GGE Staff MembersSince you landed on this blog post we assume that you are a Golden Goose staff member and that you have been booked for a job. Congratulations!

At Golden Goose Events we have four different ways of contracting our staff and therefore, four different ways of payment: through a Spanish labor contract, through a freelance collaboration, through a third party supplier, and a free flex platform. Find below the details of each option and feel free to identify yours!

1. Spanish Labour Contract

If you have a Spanish Social Security number and an ID or NIE number, you are more than ready to work in Spain. In this case, our agency will hire you through the Spanish Labour Contract. Read carefully some information on how we do it and what we need from your side in the following lines:

  • Golden Goose Events registers you in the Spanish Social Security System.
  • You will receive a contract that you must return signed in to the Finance Department.
  • If it’s your first time working for Golden Goose Events, you have to complete the occupational risk prevention training for the job position in which you have been booked.
  • We will proceed with the agreed payment within a maximum of 30 days after the event date. Revise your profile in our database and make sure you have added your account number.
  • If you have worked for us in a few events in the same month, we will proceed with a unique payment of the total amount agreed.
  • If you are receiving unemployment benefits, you will need a company certificate after the event. You should ask for it with enough time in advance so that we can prepare it and send it to you upon the end of the event.
  • On the 12th of May a new law came into force from which the enterprises have to follow up the total amount of working hours from their employees. Once the event has finished, it is mandatory to complete the following form.

2. Freelance Collaboration

If you are a freelance employee, once the event has ended you will need to send us your invoice so that we can proceed with the payment. In this case you must be an officially registered freelancer, company owner, or employee registered with an umbrella company that will provide an invoice on your behalf.

Here are some instructions that we require in order to process your invoice correctly:

  • You will have to indicate the total number of worked hours and the price agreed with your Project Manager so that our finance team can check it before proceeding with the payment. The mentioned payment in the offer is always the NET amount you will receive. 
  • As Golden Goose Events is a Spanish company registered in the VIES, VAT Information Exchange System, and the work consists of an intra-community provision of services, the invoice must be tax-exempt -no tax must be added- and the currency must be EUROS.
  • The invoice should be sent to your Project Manager and it must include the following details:
    • Supplier’s complete name: Your complete name or your company’s name.
    • Supplier’s IBAN number: The IBAN number to which the payment has to be made. 
    • Supplier’s tax number: Your VAT number or tax number.
    • Invoice date: The date the invoice is issued.
    • Invoice number: The invoice number will always be correlative to the number of the last invoice issued unless it is the first one of the year which will then be the invoice number 1 (or 01-001). 
    • In case you need a template or support to format your invoices, you can use this useful online free tool. 
    • Client’s company details: Golden Goose Events S.L. C/ Monturiol 40-44, 1-4, Esc. 1 08018 Barcelona, Spain. VAT: ESB66540535
  • Expenses that have been agreed to be reimbursed prior to the event date will need to be included in the invoice with their appropriate receipts attachments.
  • Your payment will be processed within a maximum of 30 days upon the receipt of the correct invoice, however, we always try to advance payments whenever possible. 

3. Third-Party Supplier

The third-party supplier is a local agency that is able to hire you through a standard labor contract in your country of origin. For any information related to the payment, you should always contact your agency directly.

4. Free Flex Platform 

If you are working through a free flex work website such as Young Ones, Instaff or StudentPop, remember that your invoice should be addressed to that enterprise as well as the doubts you may have concerning the payments. Intracommunity rules may not apply to you.

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