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Behavioural Guidelines – Best Practices on the Event Floor

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Behavioural Guidelines - Best Practices on the Event FloorEvent staff members are not regular employees. They should be extremely proactive, fun, very good salespeople, engaging and able to deliver outstanding customer service which will be remembered as special by event visitors and assistants passing by.

An event staff member should always be willing to help, have a chat with the visitors and maintain a confident and huge smile!

Duties of an Outstanding Staff Member

  • Performing sales of the exposed products and services by speaking knowledgeably about them and finding the right connection with the client to close the sale.
  • Sampling products for the passengers to try out.
  • Giving product demonstrations.
  • Getting leads or signups on a paper form or tablet to subscribe to a specific contest, newsletter or paid service.
  • Performing specific contests or games for a promotion.
  • Driving people towards the event area if there are contests, games or artists which require public or visitor participation.
  • Support the company to maintain the event area clean and organized.
  • Keep track of meetings and indicate visitors to the right areas or contact person.
  • Support with people scanning or registering the attendees of the booth.

Best Practices on the Event Floor

  1. Arrive on time. You MUST arrive at the time written on your Event Briefing (NO exceptions!). Regardless of what the delay reasons are and if you have or haven’t notified them to us (which you must always do), you are being paid for the hours written in your briefing. In case of delays for whatever reason (traffic jams or unexpected circumstances) we may ask you to recover the hours by arriving earlier, leaving later or shortening your break. We may deduct the lateness off your payment, if recovery is not an option or not desired by the client. Arriving late to the event may compromise our willingness to re-book you for other events.
  2. Be ready to work. When you walk into the event, be ready to work! Do not take 10 minutes to go to the bathroom to change clothes or fix your makeup. Arrive at the work floor fresh with hair and makeup done. You should be present and ready to start, with all your belongings safely stored at the starting time of the shift.
  3. Arrive professionally dressed and groomed. All clothes should be properly ironed, shirt tucked in, clean closed-toed shoes unless otherwise instructed. Be 100% dressed to impress and ready to go when you walk into the events area.
  4. Show a great attitude. Eating, chewing gum, applying makeup, checking your phone and smoking is only allowed during your breaks. If the client has a catering at their event area, ONLY consume foods or drinks from there if you have explicit approval from the client.
  5. Boost your body language. Please don’t sit whilst working your shift unless specifically allowed to -even in cases there is a chair behind a customer service counter which you are allowed to use, only use it for short periods when it’s really quiet, don’t attend customers whilst sitting-. We know shifts are long and feet hurt. That’s why we have breaks. Take your breaks out of the eyesight of the event and any potential customers. Bring some comfortable shoes to change into on your breaks.
  6. Be proactive. Don’t engage in talking with colleagues whilst visitors are walking past the area. Always be ready to talk and attend people who might be interested in your products or services. Try to make eye contact with visitors to engage them to interact with you.
  7. Be tidy. Keep the working area always clean: counters, tabletops, closets, chairs pushed in and possible literature or samplers in place.
  8. Forget about your cell phone. Cell phones are never to be used in the booth or worn on clothing. Leave them 100% hidden and off inside your bag with your belongings, outside of the event area unless you are working as a team leader or event manager or otherwise requested by the client. It is not acceptable to WhatsApp or take calls during working hours. We will penalize staff that do carry their phones on them in case necessary.
  9. Leave your wardrobe at home. Any bags, jackets or personal items should be left at the baggage check area. The storage space at events is normally limited. Take this into consideration when carrying items with you. Don’t bring any valuable items to the event as these could be damaged or stolen on site.
  10. Represent the brand you work for. Do not consume or obtain competitor products while in uniform. Do not go out to grab goodies or any free merchandise from other brands whilst working. Don’t visit possible expo after parties whilst in your brand uniform or wearing your badge.
  11. Don’t gossip. NEVER discuss pay rates with other sales staff or anyone on the event floor. Questions regarding salary or payment should be addressed to Golden Goose Events only.
  12. Be communicative. If sampling, always serve the product with a fresh, pleasant smile and greet each customer with a friendly “hello” even if they do not have time to talk. Do not just leave the product out on the counter for the crowd to take themselves!
  13. Smile again and again. Always be courteous, professional and highly energetic. This is probably the most important thing. You must keep up your energy and enthusiasm. Smile, smile, and… smile! Can we say that enough? 

Check out our Dress Code Guidelines and our Grooming Standards to complete your great performance on the event floor!

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