Grooming Standards – What’s Expected From Your Appearance at an Event?

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Grooming StandardsKeeping ourselves’ look fresh and professional is as important as our qualifications. Personal grooming is always necessary but it becomes essential when representing a company image at an event. Following grooming standards does not necessarily mean applying loads of makeup but projecting a confident image at your workplace. 

As we only have one chance to make a first impression, let’s check out some guidelines that will enhance your appearance at an event!

  • Ensure your uniform is well presented, clean and ironed every day.
  • Gentlemen must look clean-shaven. If a beard is worn, this must be looking groomed and with nicely defined edges.
  • No jewelry other than studs for ears, a small ring, an elegant bracelet, a necklace and a plain watch may be worn whilst at events unless a specific look has been requested. You will be asked to remove any jewelry on-site if it is deemed unsuitable.
  • At corporate events, your nail polish must be French or clear (NOT colored!) whereas, at non-corporate events, classical colors such as pink and red are allowed as long as they look neat and are properly applied. Forget about black, blue or other geeky colors!
  • Female staff hair must be looking neat, well-groomed and preferably off the face. If food sampling is taking place, hair should be worn completely up.
  • Female event makeup consists of a colored lipstick (red, pink or orange – unless your agency instructs otherwise) and a full eye makeup that includes eyeshadow and mascara. 
  • Male’s hair should be neat and professional.
  • If you have dyed your hair green or shaved completely, you now wear visible tattoos, piercings or braces, inform your agency so that they can introduce your profile to the client in the most accurate way. After all, you are the image of the client’s brand and you need to represent what they stand for. 
  • Read our Dress Code Guidelines consciously and make sure you prepare well ahead in case you have to purchase any specific items beforehand. Don’t find yourself missing parts of your uniform on the evening before the event!

All these easy tips apply to your preparation before the event and will help you to strengthen your first impression from a professional point of view. Bear in mind: take our advice and do not improvise. You know now what to do so get well-groomed!

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