7 Key Steps to Be a Good Brand Ambassador

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It’s well known that brands are no longer focused on “selling” only their products or services. Marketing has gone much further and now the hub is to “sell” a lifestyle, a range of emotions and values represented by the brand, with the objective of creating a unique image for their product in the mind of the target customer. This process is what we call branding. Due to the high competition of players in the market, good branding is essential to stand out from the crowd. From classic TV commercials to online media content, the list of above and beyond the line strategies to accomplish a positive and well-liked brand image is almost infinite. However, when it comes to transmitting values, emotions and a lifestyle to the consumer, what could be better than an actual human that represents them? Exactly, brands need a brand ambassador!

Brand ambassadors embody what the brand is all about; they are its face and voice, as well as its ears and eyes! Their duties are to create a specific image, increase awareness and attention, and generate sales opportunities amongst the target audience. There is also a less-known side of the job as a BA that really makes the difference for the brand: to provide them with valuable feedback from the consumer so they are able to adapt.

Brand Ambassador Team

Especially if you are a millennial (as I proudly am!), you probably have in mind a shortlist of brands you love about clothing, food, travel, design, music… Your lifestyle is very likely to be in line with the values some of these brands represent, wouldn’t it be a dream to earn money for this? Here, I am happy to give you some good pieces of advice to become a top-notch brand ambassador.

1. Eat, live, and breathe your brand

Yes, you must know everything about the brand you represent as a brand ambassador: its history, founders, important milestones, catalog of products and their specifics, mission, vision, etc. etc. This might require a bit of study but, don’t worry, it should be provided by the brand in a dedicated (hopefully not boring) training session.

The cherry on top would be for you to have a good level of understanding on the industry and some general knowledge about the marketing basics.

It’s critical that you are keen on the brand and its mission, and that your values and goals are tied to theirs. This way, you will be able to deliver the brand’s message directly to your (their) audience by connecting and engaging with them as if it was the brand itself speaking.

All this without losing your authenticity! Never forget you are still you, and this must be clear to the customer as well.

2. Keep professionality standards top priority

It’s important that you have a good level of awareness about the industry you are working in but it’s even more crucial that you are impeccable when it comes to working ethic and professionality. This will be very much appreciated by your managers and by your audience, and will furthermore give you bigger credibility in front of them.

Put into practice your best communication skills to ensure the public is happy and positively impacted. Inform and educate the customer in every event with your brand history, its range of products, recent launches, and any news that might be of interest to them.

Keep improving your understanding and execution of customer service. You will learn when to use your sense of humor, when to be formal or more easygoing, when to talk a lot or when to hold back. Customer service can be an art!

Organizational skills to manage your time and tasks and the ability to work in a fast paced environment are also key to being a good brand ambassador. You will face many situations that require you to adapt quickly, so don’t hesitate to take the lead if needed.

3. Build and grow relationships as a Brand Ambassador

There are other “less academic” skills you need to showcase as well, such as positivity and confidence. Your audience will listen to your recommendations because you are an expert in the field, but also because you exude good vibes and friendliness.

Be diplomatic but engaging. Try to initiate the conversation and to enroll others in healthy discussions to promote your brand’s product. Never lose an opportunity to build a solid relationship between your customer and your brand.

To influence your target customers’ decisions you have to connect with them on a somewhat personal level; they have to trust you. That’s what you really need to have them in your pocket!

4. Bring into play your leadership skills

Marketing is all about leads and, as a brand ambassador, you are the leader! Design different paths for each customer type and lead them along the way.

You can apply the same technique online companies do on their websites: they guide the customer through a funnel from their first interaction until the first conversion and keep cuddling the customer even after, so the brand and the customer strengthen their relationship and become loyal to each other. Isn’t that beautiful? <3

Build your own strategy (or strategies!) to create initial contact with your first customer, start a conversation, drive the topic to the point you need to deliver your message, and give him or her the adequate call to action.

5. Listen to your customers

As important as developing a good image and perception towards your company is to collect your audience’s feedback. This is gold to your brand!

Once you have grabbed their attention, engage them and concentrate on what they have to say. You may not agree with them, but you do have to listen. Of course, you will get a lot of valuable information: first impression of the brand, opinions, questions, doubts, strengths and weaknesses of the product, comparison with competitors, etc.

6. Provide valuable feedback to your brand

It is indispensable to be able to synthesize and analyze all the data you get from the field, removing the information that is not relevant. Keep it short. This way, your managers will get a filtered feedback that goes straight to the points of interest.

Frequently, companies provide their brand ambassadors with online questionnaires or mobile apps that ease the feedback collection process. These tools usually have a system of analytics integrated where you can check the main stats and trends of your reports to get insights on what aspects of your job can be improved.

From adding new features to their products to even pivot into a different niche of the market, all the information provided by the team of brand ambassadors is critical intelligence that helps the brand bring their marketing program to the next level.

7. Be passionate and never stop learning!

To me, these are the most important parts of all: your passion and the capacity to evolve! If you enjoy your work, if you are passionate about it, you will do your best and the results will be visible. At the same time, it is this enthusiasm that will encourage you to keep improving and innovating in all aspects: brand knowledge, customer care, technical skills, market understanding, work ethic, etc.

Remember: it’s not just a brand, it’s not just a job, it’s a whole lifestyle! And you get paid for sharing it 🙂

Do you want to become a brand ambassador? Register on our website and we will notify you of any vacancies in your area. We work all around Europe!

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