Top 5 Event Cities in Europe

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As you may already know, multiple reports have identified significant growth when it comes down to event marketing in Europe. The reason for this huge growth is very simple: events give you the opportunity to engage with your target audience face-to-face, which is priceless for building relationships with your customers. We are not only talking about the typical events, like congresses and exhibitions, but also about innovative launch campaigns or creative corporate parties to organize in the event cities.

You are able to use all different kinds of techniques at events to attract attention and help customers understand the value of your product, which we from Golden Goose Events know everything about. According to Cvent, there are more than 2.500 evaluated European event cities, but what are the most popular ones? And, even more important, why?

London: the Perfect Business Event Center

At the moment, the most important of all event cities in Europe is London and it’s easy to see why. London is an international city with unlimited possibilities. There are a lot of varied nationalities and almost 300 different languages are spoken. Besides that, there are endless locations for the performance of your events: 300 theatres, 12.000 restaurants, 500 cinema screens, and 240 museums and galleries.

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London is a city where your business can grow; more foreign shares are traded there than in New York. It’s also home to massive marketing agencies, which stand out among our long list of partners. Since there’s such a buzz around events and therefore a high staff demand, it is an amazing city to book highly qualified staff. There is a big staff pool working full-time in this sector, unlike in other event cities. Altogether, London is the perfect center for everything, including events, business and multiculturalism.

Barcelona: the Most Dynamic One of the Event Cities in Europe

The second one on the list of event cities is Barcelona. The city is also known as one of the biggest marketing and branding places in Europe and, trust us, you’ll understand why. Basically, Barcelona has a very big range of event options at all levels. It’s the southern gateway to Europe, the center of an emerging economic Eurozone, the Mediterranean capital, a bridge to the Maghreb and a platform for links to Latin America. Therefore it’s not strange that the city accommodates huge exhibitions, such as Mobile World Congress Barcelona.

Besides all the above pros, promoting your brand at events in Barcelona is also very effective. We from Golden Goose Events know this very well, since Barcelona is our hometown and we own a big market share. It’s the perfect location to promote startups or new products through experiential marketing. The sunny weather and nice beaches make it the perfect location for street marketing campaigns!

Paris: the European Heart of Fashion Events

Paris, the City of Light, is the world’s most visited capital. The first 6 months of last year, the city had a record number of more than 40 million tourists. This is one of the main reasons why you should promote your brand on events in Paris and why it’s number three on the event cities list. It gives you access to a wide multinational audience, which can easily create brand awareness and recognition on a global level.


Paris is not only the most visited capital, but it’s also the biggest fashion capital. This is due to their world-renowned designers and world-famous fashion week. Golden Goose Events staffed Brand Ambassadors for several product launches for Adidas and Reebok in Paris in order to boost brand awareness and recognition. Our longstanding relationship with Adidas and Reebok is a good example of the importance of the fashion event scene in Paris. If you want to get an international audience for your brand or your company is fashion related, Paris is the place to be.

Berlin: the Ideal City for Economic and Cultural Events

With Germany as the largest national economy in Europe and Berlin as its capital, it’s city number four on the list. Berlin has a major role when talking about fairs and exhibitions. As a location, Berlin can offer you ideal conditions, such as some of the biggest event venues, an ultramodern telecommunication structure, as well as an excellent science and research community. 

The city is also known for its big public exhibitions, trade fairs, concerts, festivals, and other cultural events. It has generally become a magnet for a new breed of young nationwide artists and music lovers. Besides that, Berlin is able to provide all the visitors with enough accommodation for the duration of your event. Overall, Berlin is an amazing location for both economic as well as cultural events.

Amsterdam: a Metropolis for All-round Event Marketing

Amsterdam comes in fifth place of the best event cities to promote your brand. The city came up in the list of the 10 most popular cities in the world this year, so without a doubt, tourism and business will increase in the next following years. This will, like Paris, create a worldwide platform of potential customers with the aim of setting up an international brand.

With so many festivals, cultural events, theaters, clubs, concert halls, fairs, and congress rooms, there’s something for everyone in Amsterdam. We have staffed many campaigns there along the way and we love dealing with bookings for Amsterdam since half of our office is ruled by the Dutchies. It’s always fun to get back to Amsterdam to coordinate one of our events and pick up some ‘stroopwafels’ on the way.

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