How to Choose amongst all those Hostess Agencies?

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Are there really that many Hostess Agencies?

YES! There are hundreds of Hostess Agencies in the sea of corporate events – so many that you could get lost! Staff agencies vary on geographic coverage, staff types they can provide, pricing, staff and service quality… Depending on what you or your client needs for an event, you will choose one or another. How to choose the best one? From our experience, there are three revealing clues that will help you hit the nail on the head.

1. A tailor-made first proposal means a tailor-made service

Define your expectations before starting your search for a Hostess Agency. What’s the purpose of your booking? Do you want the staff to assist with translations? Sales? Or do you just need an image to represent the brand?

Once you have defined your requirements and event goals, make sure to communicate them to the Hostess Agencies when asking for a proposal. Make sure that the agencies have taken the time to all of the information you have asked for. For example, for a sales staff member they should have included the education and work experience in the field of sales, in their staff presentation. If you requested models of a certain height, check if they have respected those parameters.

If you receive a generic type of presentation, what guarantees they will take the time to apply any type of filter when sending over profiles that should match your needs? Hostess Agencies that send you a custom-made staff proposal, will deliver a custom-made service to cover your needs at 360º.

2. Five-star communication with the agency is key

Make sure to have an excellent communication with the selected agency, right from the start. You should get assigned a project manager or booker who speaks your language, and responds fast and efficiently to your emails and calls. Basically, you should feel they are trying to help you in any way possible.

If the agency is asking you questions and tries to find out what your needs are, that’s a good sign! They should have an easy, yet complete booking process and request the event details in a briefing document. It might seem a bit boring to fill in loads of information for the staff to read, but the better the staff training, the better the results.

If the communication is easy and fluent from the first contact, there are good chances it will be the same during the project. Never book from Hostess Agencies that take ages in answering your emails or that doesn’t respect basic deadlines. The agency should always be able to provide you with more information on a specific staff member, should you ask for it. If you or your client need someone who’s an excellent English speaker, it’s only fair to ask for some sort of proof before you process your acceptance. A good staffing agency will always allow you to have a phone call with the applicant or can send you a video presentation to check the language strength or other aspects of the selected staff member (s).

3. Price ranges vs quality standards

Don’t base your decision solely on price. There are huge price differences between the various Hostess Agencies. Over the past years, many people with little or no experience have entered the events market, working with smaller agencies that operate on the border of legality.

It might seem a deal breaker to pay 50% less if choosing a certain supplier, but don’t forget that a low price usually means that your staff are getting paid minimum salary (which often leads to staff that are not motivated enough). It’s also a sign in some cases, that the agency is not complying with the payment of the full hours of social security and insurance.

This can lead to uncomfortable situations and expensive fines if you happen to get picked out for a labor inspection at the event or show. Should you find a supplier which is offering an extremely attractive pricing, ask them for proof of insurance and for the proof of payment of social security fees of the staff that you’re going to book.

The Golden Standard

Golden Goose Events is the only hostess agency in Barcelona which specializes in English speaking event staff. Our agency focusses on the international customer that travels to Spain or other Mayor event cities. We also work with local companies, looking for assistance with translation & sales towards the international visitor (usually corporate events).

Our working conditions towards the employees are unbeatable; good salaries and quick payments as well as a personalized staff-agency relationship. Our team loves working with us and we get dozens of applications from people that have been referred to us by happy employee’s.

In terms of customer service, we offer an international view on the event market and try to make sure that each booking becomes an investment for our clients, instead of a mere expense. We think together of ways to achieve your goals, whether it’s brand recognition, sales or lead generation. We innovate constantly to keep up with the needs of our clients in order to stand out amongst other Hostess Agencies.

Want to learn more? Check out our website or contact us!

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