Client Testimonials

Thank you for the photos and event recap.  Our client had only very positive comments about all of the hostesses.  She said that Marion and Aline were exceptional at anticipating the needs of the booth and being flexible with expo changes and that it was a pleasure to work with all of the ladies.  Thank you for finding such wonderful professionals!


Angelina Roberts, PTM


The girls have been absolutely beautiful, both in terms of looks, outfits and attitude. I really need to point out that they've been the only ones who permanently smiled and kept on a good vibe so we're really happy with the turnout of this event and with choosing to work with you :-)


Andreea Balasa, Netbet


We are really happy with Merche's work, she has been really proactive and positive.


Anna Saxby, Yogabody Fitness S.L.


Thanks Lorena for your recommendation of Loredana at the weekend. As you said she was the perfect choice for the event – could not have been better : )


Stuart Emslie, Advanced Intel


I'm writing you this email to thank your staff Andrea, Anisa and Judith for their work at our stand last week at the caravaning exhibition. We only have good words to say about them. We were very surprised about the fast comprehension they showed of our products and their capacity to transmit the information to the approaching visitors. We would also like to remark their pro-active attitude and the enthousiasm they showed at all times, even though our booth was poorly located and the exhibition was directed to a very specific segment of our industry. We will give good referrals of you to anyone who needs staff at upcoming expos. We would also like to congratulate the agency for knowing how to screen real professionals!


Emilio Iglesias Sola- Yara Iberian S.A.


We have been delighted with Alba's work! She has been very professional and with a fantastic attitude all throught the event. Thank you so much for the support!


Rafael Martínez- Coquinesa


Your people were fantastic. Very professional. Very helpful.We would be happy to work with you again on any work we have in Europe.

Drew Olsen- Impact unlimited


This has been our third exhibition participating as exhibitors and I must say that with a very big margin Andrea has been the best of the 5 hostesses we have previously worked with.

Better in many ways: Posture, interest, pro- activity, eye for detail, enthusiasm and always with a big smile on her face for everyone.

It’s always nice to have a pretty face at your booth, but what has surprised us most about Andrea has been her communication skills and her ability to learn quickly about our brand. 

It has been a pleasure working with your agency and we will always reach out to you if we need future event support.

Tiago Cardoso- Nuvifruits S.A
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Paulina told me the training went very well. She also said, she had the impression the promoters had prepared themselves upfront and already knew a lot about the U-Form+. So please thank them for being so professional! I was very happy to have somebody reliable like you in Spain/Greece and we will gladly continue using your agency for future campaigns.

Rebecca Fritsch- Adidas/Reebok.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thank you so much for your support and your calmness while we were about to go crazy. You and your team have been so helpful and kind, it was really great working with you. Please make sure your team knows that it was a real pleasure for us having them. As well Carla, she is really great. It was great having her, she handled situations really quick and efficient.

Thank you again for all of your patience and your willingness to make the event work and handle every unexpected situation (and there have been a lot) with us.

Johanna Schick- Nordisk Büreau
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Firstly on behalf of Brook International please let me thank you for your help during FESPA it was very much appreciated and your whole approach was excellent. We couldn't have wished for a better lead generator and translator, thank you. 

Tim Egerton CText ATI
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------When my best friend and I decided to visit Barcelona and Ibiza, we wanted to explore these places from the perspective of a local.  We wanted to experience the best restaurants, nightlife, and culture.  I knew that I had found the perfect agency from the moment I first established contact with Golden Goose Events.  They were extremely professional throughout the process.  They immediately understood exactly what we were looking for and proceeded to screen numerous candidates before settling on the two guides that ultimately assisted us.

Our time in Spain could not have been better.  Thanks to the staff’s impeccable planning and organizational skills, our trip went more smoothly than I could have imagined.  We went to amazing restaurants and the best lounges and clubs in Barcelona and Ibiza.  I would not hesitate to recommend Golden Goose Events to anyone who wishes to experience a once-in-a-lifetime vacation or getaway.

Michael Kinnear- USA

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Elizabeth and Miriam were fantastic and so good at their work! we really liked their effort and deliverance from you on what was promised. I must say I am impressed.

Regarding the November show, we would definitely like to go with your agency again and would really prefer to have both Elizabeth and Miriam as now they have good idea on what kind of services we need at the booth, so please save them for Artistic Milliners in Nov.

All in all it was good experience working with you and hope to meet you again and have relation with you on long term.

Baber Sultan- Artistic Milliners
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It was great working with you again, and we consider the show to be a great success, so thanks again for all your help!

Michael Robinson- Get Green Bytes
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thank you so much for sending us Yurie to work for us as our hostess and translator. I’m very pleased with her work. She was kind, professional and of great help with all the translations. We will speak again for next IBC!

Juan A. Burgos- SVP Broadcast Microwave
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Loredana was a very hard worker and we were very pleased with her.  We will definitely use your agency again for our foreign shows as the standard was great! I would also like to add that your efficiency has been great, I organise the shows here in the UK, I have over 30 this year and it’s great to be confident and know what is happening with the fluency of the correspondence. Your help has been a relief and easy to arrange from here!

Andrea la Roche-Butler- First Grade International Ltd
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We had a meeting with our event coordinator today and she had some great things to say about your agency and the team, so well done! I also wanted to pass on my thanks to you for your efforts and the strong team you recruited and managed for us”

Chris Cowman- Disrupt
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“I must say you guys and your staff were outstanding and I would not hesitate to work with you again. I was just talking about you guys to a colleague and telling him what a professional, intelligent and passionate team you sent us!!”

Michelle Henchoz- Techdata
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We are very, very thankful for your collaboration and the 2 fantastic hostesses that you found for our booth! As I already mentioned, they both did a wonderful job!!

Moshe Salama- Ceva
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thanks a lot for your services.  As I said last week, I thought the girls did a great job!

Sue Goltyakova- Aruba networks


C/ Monturiol 40-44
08018 Barcelona- Spain 
Tel- 0034- 934541337

GSM- 0034- 660943726


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