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“Looking for a PRO to get your message out there and create a buzz around your booth?”


“Experience the difference of using a professional communicator to deliver your speach or presentation and increase demo assistance by 200%"

Speakers, MC’s and presenters can help you to capture the attention of the passing crowd, engage and entertain them and ultimately capture those extra business leads you were looking for… Our event staffing agency Golden Goose Events specializes in providing English speaking Speakers/ Presenters for all your corporate and non- corporate events in Barcelona and Madrid such as exhibitions, congresses, road shows, product launches, sporting events and many other happenings. From our base office in Barcelona, we provide English speaking speakers and presenters for many international events or corporate videos.



As an experienced event staffing agency, we will assist you with the selection process of your speaker, but we also make sure your event staff receive a complete pre-event briefing and are aware of your specific marketing goals before the job start. We also take care of the coordination during the booking to make sure everything runs smoothly on set and your event turns into a huge success.


All our presenters are based in Barcelona/ Madrid and speak perfect English. Our Speakers  are being selected for their presenting/ acting skills which include;


  • Professional and attractive personal image
  • Extrovert, spontaneous and engaging personality
  • Proven studies in the fields of Motivational speaking- Acting- Presenting
  •  High Languages and communication& marketing  knowledge
  • Good voice, lots of self confidence
  •  Good improvisation skills
  • Able to handle any type of crowd (corporate and non- corporate)
  •  Experience in the events/ presenting/ acting/ speaking fields


“Would you like to know how our Presenters can help you at your next event in Barcelona or Madrid?” click on the type of event you’re currently organizing to get marketing ideas and a detailed description on the tasks they can perform to promote your company/ brand.


You can book our Speakers/ Presenters for the following events;


Receive a quote within 48h.

Contact us to spice up your company presentation in Barcelona with a professional speaker or presenter.



Speakers for Events and Promotions

Our presenters are able to handle any type of situation with his/her improvisation skills. She/he should be able to capture the attention of the passing crowd with just a few simple words and maintain the attention whether it’s a product demonstration or a fun quiz game. If you need English speaking Presenters in Barcelona or Madrid, contact us to receive showreels from our candidates.


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