Our promoters are the perfect staff choice for events where you need people with lots of enthousiasm and young and fresh attitude towards work. Our promoters can perform all sorts of tasks, such as badge scanning, promotion material handouts and simple, but important instruction providance to your customers. Budget friendly prices for all occasions. Forget about dealing with those time consuming tasks and focus on your customers, whilst our promoters leave an unforgettable impression on the general crowd and help you to promote your brand/ service.


Looking for an effective way to capture the attention of your prospects? Have them try your product/ service for free! Our samplers will assist you in all sorts of giveaways/ sample handouts and free service signups. They can help you prepare bags with goodies, perform catering tasks to give away your products in case you're active in the food industry and fill in new customer forms for software downlaods or other products which imply a follow up.There is no better marketing strategy than see to believe or try to buy!



"Spread the word!" If you're looking for staff to hand out your brochures, flyers, catalogues or other printed marketing materials, our leafletters will guarantee a maximized return of investment by actively trying to reach out to as many potential clients as possible. Our leafletters are fast, energetic and very motivated workers who will guarantee that your word gets spread out as  efficient as possible!



Catering staff

If you're looking for event staff members who can help you to serve customers whilst you are having meetings, think about hiring our English speaking catering staff. Our bilingual promoters will make sure your booth looks neat and tidy at all times, can serve coffeee and other beverages or small snacks to your clients whilst you are having meetings or in a waiting area. Make sure your customers feel comfortable with a true catering professional who can attend orders in English and serve them in a glamourous and neat manner.



Registration staff

If you're organizing an event/ congress/ tradeshow or seminar, and need staff to welcome your participants/visitors, register them and hand out badges, ask us for a quote to hire a team of registration staff members. Our English speaking



Cloak room assistants

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