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Our staffing agency Golden Goose Events specializes in providing English speaking Photographers for events in Barcelona & Madrid, to assist you in all your international corporate and non- corporate activities such as exhibitions, congresses, road shows, product launches, sporting events and many other happenings. From our base office in Barcelona, we provide event photographers throughout most big event cities in and outside of Spain.

As an experienced event staffing agency, we will assist you with the selection process of your photographer, making sure their style matches your needs and passing a pre-event briefing on to them to reassure they are aware of your specific marketing goals before the job start. Our photographers for events will immortalize your event area, meetings with clients, promotional staff teams, hostesses, interactions with visitors/ participants and much more…All our photographers are locals, living in Barcelona or Madrid and speaking English, to communicate with the client without misunderstandings.


At Golden Goose Events we know how important it is to obtain good photographic marketing material of your events & promotions to use for your future campaigns, website, brochures and social networks. This is why we only work with professional event photographers that specialize in active photography involving people, movement, business and social lifestyle and speak English as a second language so that you can express your needs to them “on set” and guarantee they follow your guidelines.


If you’re interested in receiving a quote for an event photographer in Barcelona or Madrid, drop us an email!


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