Brand Ambassadors

“Would you like to double/ triple the business leads you generate at your next event in Barcelona?”


At Golden Goose Events we can help you to achieve your goals using a brand ambassador!!


Brand ambassadors are suitable for customers that want to invest a little extra in staff that can help them boost the amount of business leads gathered during their event or tradeshow, whilst keeping sales people free to dedicate their time with potential customers that require personal attention and are actually interested in the products/ services your company offers. We offer brand ambassadors for Exhibitions, product launches and all sorts of marketing campaigns in Barcelona. Our brand ambassadors will study your brand closely before the event start and actively engage visitors with face to face marketing strategies to  filter the non- profitable customer from the potential customer at your event/ booth. Brand ambassadors can attend customers with in depth knowledge about your brand and your services. They can answer questions and perform product demonstrations.


We select our brand ambassadors for their unique communication & marketing skills including;


-          Proven education in the fields of marketing, communication or PR

-          Experience in sales & customer attention. Having worked as a brand ambassador before.

-          Very high language skills

-          Extended event experience

-          Impeccable looks, professional attitude

-          Extrovert and pro-active personality

-          Intelligence and fast learning skills

-          Responsibility and hard working attitude


All our staff are based in Barcelona and speak perfect English.


“Would you like to know how our brand ambassadors can help you at your next event in Barcelona?” click on the type of event you’re currently organizing to get marketing ideas and a detailed description on the tasks they can perform to promote your  brand / services in the Spanish Market.


For a list of 100 tips on how to increase exhibition booth traffic click on the link!


You can book a brand ambassador for the following events in Barcelona; 

Pro-active brand ambassadors for events

Booking a brand ambassador is a great investment to get the maximum benefit out of your next event. They will attract potential customers to your booth, avoiding you from spending unnecessary time with visitors that are not within your interest range.



Train our brand ambassadors to give product demo's.

Book our product demonstrators to show your products to the public, without taking time away from your sales team and their meetings at your next event in Barcelona.

Tradeshow success

Contact us for advice on how to increase your ROI at your next event in Barcelona.




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