Sports events

Promo staff to hand out sports materials, keep track of participants lists, walk around with branded items to give away, direct people to the event area, set up activity displays.

Hostesses to control access to the event, take VIP’s or group bookings to their seats, assist in press conferences, direct visitors to the correct areas, promote a sponsor company.

Promotional models to take pictures with visitors, stand on winner’s podium, hand over trophies, assist photo calls or press conferences, stand at VIP area to assist client’s needs.

Hospitality staff to welcome guests, hand out snacks and serve drinks, give away promotional presents, direct people to the correct areas, sample products.

Speakers/ Presenters to comment a sports game or competition for a large crowd of people, to present a winners ceremony or awards session, to entertain the crowd during breaks.

Grid girls to carry umbrella’s at the pit stop, to take pictures with visitors and car/ motor professionals, to attend the winners ceremony on stage, to hand over awards- cups.


Other event staff such as:

Actors for events- Artists for events/ shows- City guides- Nightlife guides- Photographers- Event Crew- Technicians for stand building- Makeup artists- Stylists- Event Managers- Coordinators


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08018 Barcelona- Spain 
Tel- 0034- 934541337

GSM- 0034- 660943726


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