Product Launch - Opening

-         Promo staff to hand out leaflets with the special promotion and opening information. To assemble the “welcome presents” and give away balloons with company branding.

-         Hostesses to manage the guest list at the access, direct visitors to the correct areas and give information on the new product- store- venue.

-         Promotional models to take pictures at the photo call with the arriving guests, model the promoted products or give out champagne/ welcome presents at the door.


           Lead generatorsto collect business cards of the attendants and get them to fill in a survey about their thoughts on the new product or store.

-          Sales staff to assist a special “opening sale”

-          Hospitality staff, to work at the cloakroom managing the guests belongings, to sample the promoted product or serve snack and drinks in the VIP area.

-          Speakers/ Presenters to give a microphone supported product presentation in front of the assisting guests, to talk outside the store and attract the attention of passing crowd.


other event staff such as:

-         Actors for events- Artists for events/ shows- Photographers- Event Crew- Technicians for stand building- Makeup artists- stylists- Event Managers- Coordinators


C/ Monturiol 40-44
08018 Barcelona- Spain 
Tel- 0034- 934541337

GSM- 0034- 660943726


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