In- store promotions

Promo staff to give out samples and brochures with information about the products on sale or in promotion. To wear a sign indicating where the promotion area is to attract attention.

Hostesses to talk to customers about the products, its benefits and features. To keep track of sold items and stock. To set up and dismantle the demonstration area.

Promotional models to perform hostess tasks with an added factor of providing a very exclusive, high image to the promoted product/ brand.

lead generators to collect leads of potential buyers, fill in surveys, get people to participate in contests, price draws and games and leaving their personal details for promotional sending’s.

Sales staff to sell the products/ services, restock the demonstration area, keep track of sold items, fill in purchase orders and manage credit card & cash payments.

Hospitality staff to prepare food samples and give them out to the passing crowd, to inform about the promotion or discounts and give out company information.

Speakers/ Presenters to stand in public spaces and encourage people to participate in games, price draws or contests. To give product demonstrations in front of a large crowd.

Other event staff such as:

Actors for events- Artists for events/ shows- Photographers- Event Crew- Technicians for stand building- Makeup artists- Stylists- Event Managers- Coordinators


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