Corporate parties



Hostesses to welcome guests, hand out a welcome drink or present, take care of the cloakroom, organize transportation to and from the venue, assist award ceremony.

Promotional models to perform hostess tasks with an added factor of providing a very exclusive, high image to the promoted product/ brand.


Hospitality staff to go around with drinks & snacks, take care of a VIP lounge, stand at access with guest list, hand out invitations or entrance passes.

Speakers/ Presenters to give a speech, company presentation, host an award ceremony or entertain guests during dinner & drinks.


Other event staff such as:

Actors for events- Artists for events/ shows- City guides- Nightlife guides- Photographers- Event Crew- Technicians for stand building- Makeup artists- Stylists- Event Managers- Coordinators


C/ Monturiol 40-44
08018 Barcelona- Spain 
Tel- 0034- 934541337

GSM- 0034- 660943726


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