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Event Staff

Where is your company based?

We are based in Barcelona, and specialize in English speaking staff for events in Spain. We operate in the whole of Spain and can also offer support in some other European cities such as London, Dusseldorf, Amsterdam, Paris or Berlin.

What are your regular business hours?

Our office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 8:00PM (+1GMT). If you need to reach us outside our normal business hours (for urgent matters) please call 0034-660943726.


How much does it cost to hire a promotional model?

Our rates vary depending on the event location, hours, attire, experience, languages and model responsibilities. Therefore, it’s best if you fill in the contact form, explaining your request with as much details as possible, so that we can look into it and quote it accordingly.


How far in advance should I book staff for my upcoming events?

There is no set timeline as to how far in advance you should hire models to work at your event, but generally speaking, promotional models are booked very quickly for larger tradeshows. Therefore, if you are attending a larger exhibition, it is in your best interest to book models 10-12 weeks in advance in order to hire the most qualified promotional models for your booth. If you are organizing, or attending a smaller event it is suggested to book your models 4-6 weeks before your event start.


How does your booking process work?

To start your booking with Golden Goose Events, we will ask you to fill in the booking form with your requirements. We will look into it; send you a quote and possibly some sample profiles for you to have a look at. Once you decide to go ahead with the booking, we will request availability of staff and send you the staff briefing (to fill out with job details). When you make your choice on preferred staff and send us the briefing and quote back, we will provide you with the staff’s contact details and send you the invoice for the deposit payment to finalize the booking.


Do I pay before or after the event?


Golden Goose Events requires a 50% deposit payment upon confirm of your booking. The remaining balance is due within 5 business days of the last day of the event. Any additional charges, such as transportation tickets (flights/ long distance train tickets) or hotel bookings that have been paid by the agency upfront will be added in full to the first half of the payment.

If it’s a last minute booking (3 or less business days in advanced) we will ask for an advanced payment of the full amount of the invoice.


Can I organize a casting to pick my staff?

For each job you book with us, you will receive at least triple the amount of profiles you’ve requested in a staff presentation. In case you’re having trouble to decide who to pick, you can ask us to view our video castings or you can have a couple of Skype interviews, to screen the staff yourself. We usually don’t organize physical castings, unless it’s a modelling job which requires the candidates to try on and fit certain clothes. If you definitely need a casting procedure in order to select your team, let us know and we can come to an agreement.


Do you take care of the event permits in case of a promotion in a public space?

Our rates do not include the processing of event permits when you book event staff for promotions in public spaces. Clients are responsible for acquiring and for paying any and all fees for permits wherever needed. If a promotion or event is cancelled “on set” due to a failure in providing valid permit proof to an officer of the law, the agency will not deduct any fees off the events invoice. In case you need local support to process these permits, we will be happy to put you in touch with a local event manager who will be able to assist you against a small service fee.


What types of payment do you accept?

At the moment we are only accepting bank transfers or pay pal payments. Please note that most banks will charge commission for an international bank transfer. These costs may vary from 2 to 20 Euros. Make sure you choose the option “our cost” when transferring the payment.


Do we have to insure your event staff?

You are solely responsible for the health and safety of our personnel while they are providing the services to the same extent as if our personnel were your employees. For the avoidance of doubt; this will include travelling to and from the event which has been arranged by you or us prior to the event in accordance with your instructions. We suggest you maintain adequate insurance cover to underwrite your obligation to our personnel.


Do we need to provide staff with food or water?

It is a legal requirement to make sure the staff members have access to water. The responsibility of lunch or dinner will vary from event to event (depending on event duration, if staff is working abroad, break length, type of event). In order to be sure, ask us for a quote and we will review your case.


Do we have to pay for the staff’s travelling time & expenses?

Again, this will depend from event to event. Generally we don’t reimburse staff if the event is easily accessible and within a total travelling time of 30min-1h from their home. If we do charge you travel compensation, this will normally represent a reimbursement of their train fare or a mileage allowance if they are driving. In some occasions we might pay them a compensation for travelling time as well. For bookings finishing after 10pm, we will charge a transportation fee, to make sure that the staff member returns home safely by taxi. Taxi’s can also be arranged on set if you prefer to use your own provider.


Are promotional staff members entitled to breaks?


Yes.  These are the break times we apply;
+ 8 hour days 1 hour lunch and (1 or 2) 15 minute breaks
6- 8 hour day- 45min- 1 hour lunch break
5- 6 hour day 30 minute lunch or (2) fifteen minute breaks
1- 4 hour day at client discretion

Toilet and Drink breaks must be given at client and staff discretion. Breaks should always be taken during the work shift, not at the beginning or at the end of it. Keep in mind that it is important for our staff to have breaks, in order to perform well and stay active. Events and trade shows are often exhausting and require lots of energy! Break times will not be deducted from the working hours, as they are part of the well functioning of the job.


What is your Cancellation Policy?


At least 7 days notice is required for any cancellations; or full payment will be required. – This includes cancellations due to bad weather. If a cancellation is made with less than 14 days notice, 50% of the booking rate will be charged to the client. All expenses paid upfront by the agency (travel/ accomodation/ uniform expenses), will be charged in full to the client, in cases of cancellations.


If a staff member is booked for an event and has to drop out without a 48 hour verbal notice/ valid reason (This should never happen!), he or she will be charged a cancellation fee and the client can choose to receive a refund or receive substitute profiles to cover the position. If the drop out is due to a situation out of our control, and supported with a proof of absence (medical note/ university notes/ certificates for funerals, accidents etc) we will always try to find a substitute with a similar profile as soon as possible. If this is not possible or the client is not happy with the substitute that is provided), all money paid in advanced for this staff member will be fully refunded.

Do I need to pay to sign up as a promotional staff member?


Absolutely not! You should never accept agencies charging you money for subscribing to them. Don’t forget that agencies make money on their staff bookings (they charge a commission fee of around 20-30%), so if they really think you are a suitable candidate for their team, they won’t try to make money out of your subscription. If you want to apply to become a member of our team, you only have to submit your profile as per the instruction given in our Join us section and we will review it to see if it matches what we are looking for.


What kind of photos should I provide with my new model submission?


Accepted photos must conform to the following standards:

  • Minimum of 3-5 pictures, preferably in .jpg format
  • Recent photos, taken within the last 12 months
  • At least one clear head shot (SMILING!) one half body and one full body picture.
  • Pictures must be submitted as individual files, composite cards/ set cards or collages are not accepted.
  • Do not exceed 1 MB per image
  • Pictures can’t contain watermarks, logos, or any other marks on the photos due to potential copyright infringement
  • Pictures must be in full color
  • No bikini, lingerie or half nudes are accepted. 


How do I get contacted for promo work?


Once you have had our personal interview with us and have been accepted as a member of our team, we will be sending you job offers that we think fit your profile. When replying to our emails/ messages with your availability notice, we will submit you as an option. It is then up to each client, to select the model or staff member they wish to work with.


I have responded many times to your job offers, stating that I’m available, but have never been selected to collaborate with your agency. Am I doing something wrong?


The promotional modeling industry is highly competitive. For any given event job, we send at least triple the amount of profiles the client actually needs, so that they can select their top choices. To improve your chances of being selected, we recommend you to have a look at the TIPS TO GET MORE WORK as a promotional model. Read our list carefully and follow the instructions to get more future bookings with us.


How will I know if the client has selected me?


It usually takes between 1 and 5 business days for the client to come back to us with their preferred staff options. If you get other job offers whilst the client is in the process of selecting, you are free to take them up, however we would appreciate it if you let us know that you are no longer available. If we contact you to let you know the client has chosen you and you confirm the job with us, we consider it as closed and we expect you keep the dates booked. We don’t notify the candidates that have NOT been selected. However, if you want to know if the selection process has been closed, you are free to contact us and we will be happy to let you know if we are still waiting, or if the client picked someone else.


Once I am booked, do I have to fill out any paperwork?


Prior to working at each event you are booked for, you must fill out and sign the Agreement Form/ Contract. This will be emailed to you by Golden Goose Events, together with your briefing document, which includes all the details you will need to prepare for your booking.


How long does it take to receive my salary once I finish an event?


The official processing time for staff payments is of 30 days counted from the last event day. However, most of the times our payments are processed much sooner (within 5-10 business days). Payments are always performed by bank transfer. For freelance staff members we need to receive a valid invoice at the end of the event, in order to process the payment.


What happens if I get sick during an event?


This could of course always happen, but if you get sick during an event it is extremely important that you notify this to us as soon as possible, so that we can take the according steps to find a substitute as soon as possible. In order to justify your absence we will need you to send us a medical note with the date and time of your emergency medical visit and a statement of your inability to work.

We will not tolerate any “no shows” without a valid medical proof. If you claim to be sick and we don’t receive the note within a 24- 48 hour period, we will charge you a cancellation fee & delete you immediately from our staff records.




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